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We’re just passionate about what we do and believe we’ve got a great product. We’re a small team,with our workshop  in the heart of  beautiful Northumberland . We like to come up with design solutions so that there are no limitations. Each bespoke piece we make combines functionality and good looks,compliments your lifestyle, will last a lifetime, and literally doesn’t cost the earth!

So how does it work?

We buy in fantastic reclaimed timbers such as pitch pine, oak and redwood always finding out the history behind them. Some histories are more impressive than others but isn’t it better to know where your wood  has come from?

A recent study by the World Wildlife Fund, ‘What Wood you Choose’ found that wood sold by some companies in the UK, used to make kitchen worktops, doors and decking comes from parts of Indonesia, Malaysia and the Congo Basin from illegal logging.

The wood we use is procured from a variety of locations; churches, schools, warehouses, farmhouses, hospitals etc… the startling facts are that these beautiful and useful materials could have ended up in landfill.

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